The house is located in southwest Minnesota in the small town of Boyd. This four story 2,100 sq was built in 1901 and the land has ties to the railroad and founders of the town. We are currently doing more research on the history of the house and why it is haunted.

The previous owners have heard old time music playing and footsteps. They have been touched and feelings of being watched. They have awoke in bed to a man staring at them and they have seen him sitting in a chair. A medium has told us that there is a man that comes in from the garden, two children upstairs, and two women. Some of our findings support that. Since we have aquired this house we have heard footsteps, touching, pounding on the basement door and equipment interaction.

The house is available for overnight investigations. The cost $175 per night.  Investigation time is 3pm- noon the next day. Payment is due in full within 10 days of booking and is nonrefundable. Please contact us at to request a date. Once we confirm with you and receive payment you will be given a waiver form, rules ,and check in instructions.